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Making a Better World

As part of the Value Schools, Everest has been instilled in its staff, students and families that, “what we learn is not just for ourselves but to help others and make a better world.” (Value 5) Our staff seeks to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to have the experience of giving back to the community. After 7 years, the students are now coming to us with their own projects and campaigns to help people outside of our school. Here are some highlights from the 2019 school year:

North Valley Caring Center


The North Valley Caring Center has formed a partnership with Everest to help our students and staff have a better understanding of a Food Pantry and a deeper insight into the experience of being homeless.  Our staff and middle school students can sign up to join our 7th grade leaders on a half day field trip each Friday to help serve food and supplies donated by local businesses.  This has been a life changing experience for many, as they can empathize with these families and are inspired to make a difference in society.

            Student handing out cabbage          Handing out food at North Valley Center          Students handing out bread
The Community Garden

The Garden Club is a science-based, after school enrichment program that introduces 2nd to 8th-grade student's to horticulture and the world of sustainable living through hands-on application led by STEM instructor, Ms. Hang.         

Weekly club activities start outdoors at the Eco-Village garden, with the support of community master gardener, Ms. Lara. There, students discuss and brainstorm solutions to the pressing problems facing the ecosystem. Students learn how to think like scientists and generate hypotheses, collect data, explain experimental errors, and keep track of weekly projects using their scientific notebook. As gardeners, they also learned to landscape, tend fruit trees, plan year-long crop rotations, etc. At the end of the program, students graduate as junior gardeners with a certificate and invitation for them and their families to participate in a tree-planting field trip.

          Ms. Hang helping students repot plants          Students making compost          Students preping soil for gardening