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Welcome to Everest Value School

Our mission is to establish and support free, high quality, values-based charter schools for students historically underserved by traditional public schools.
Grounded in our values, our rigorous academic programs challenge our students to be a part of a rich Transitional Kindergarten through 8th Grade learning environment. We have high expectations for our students and we do everything we can to ensure our students reach these expectations. Join us as we create an exceptional school, an exceptional community, and exceptional lives.

What our students say:

•I belong in this academic community;
• My ability and competence grow with
my effort;
• I can succeed at this; and
• This work has value for me.

Independent Reading Challenge

In year 10, Everest is participating in a national reading challenge with Accelerated Reader. Every student from 2nd to 8th grade will take a book home to read, and when they pass a quiz, will earn points on this dashboard. We are hoping to read over 2500 books this year. We need your help to create time and space at home for your student to learn to love a good book. 
  • High School Graduates:97%
  • College Ready Graduates:83%
  • Accepted to 4-year Universities:73%

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We Are In Full Swing This Spring!

We Are In Full Swing This Spring!

With a flurry of opportunities for our students both on and off campus, we are immersed in a series of enriching experiences that empower our students of all ages to realize their fullest potential. Thanks to our generous donors, our students continue to live the values through these life-changing opportunities.
Mission of the Foundation

National Philanthropy Day at Value Schools

Celebrating another year of student empowerment! We are proud to have provided exceptional values-based education for the youth of Los Angeles for more than twenty years.