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Many of the clubs offered at Everest were created by former students or passionate staff members who wanted to explore something new. Often students want to recreate a field of study or profession and add it to our student economy. The afterschool seeks to encourage as many opportunities as staff members available to supervise. 

The following is a list of Everest Value School’s current student organizations:

Student Media: The students sustain a regular newspaper and monthly news program that informs students of global and local events. Students develop writing, research, and media technology skills that create an outlet for student collaboration, awareness of local and global events, and a creative outlet to display an understanding of current and historical events. 

Film Club: The Film Club enriches the school by creating cinematic masterpieces for the campus community to enjoy. The program focuses on a collaborative filmmaking process that improves communication, reading, and writing skills. The film club meets and interacts with local filmmakers who speak with students on set, introduce them to film equipment, have question and answer sessions, and assist with filming. Students practice writing, performing, media, cinematography, and costume design skills while in film club.  

Girls on the Run: Students from 3rd-8th grade train for several months to run a 5k. The students practice healthy physical and mental skills, learn positive communication skills, and have a safe outlet to communicate with female leaders on staff. 

Dance: EVS students are instructed on rhythmic expression through the art of dance. Students memorize dance movements, put on performances for the school, and learn about the historical origins of dance. 

Peer Mediation: For minor offenses or conflicts, students report to peer medication where middle school students act as a peacemaker to repair relationships, build community, and find justice in matters of conflict amongst students.  

Garden Club: The Garden Club will upkeep the school’s garden, host community events where parents help beautify the campus, and educate students on the importance of respecting our environment

Drama Club: Students participate in a drama club that improves speaking skills, enhances acting abilities, and celebrates the performing arts. 

Art Club: Students participate in weekly club that allows them to express their thoughts and ideas through art. They learn how to draw, color, and paint using various mediums. Many of the students who participate in this club enter to compete in different art competitions and many EVS students have won awards. 

Music Tech: The Music Tech elective allows students to build technical and engineering skills in order to use technology as tool for music composition. Students learn to use technology to create, innovate, and collaborate with their peers on projects. Some specific skills covered are, music composition and editing techniques. Students learn how to make positive digital footprints and share their compositional pieces on social media. Some projects include creating radio shows and podcasts, and sharing it with their peers. The overall vision for Music Tech is to inspire students into the career of sound engineering.

Additions Clubs in the Distance Learning Program

With the ability to offer zoom-based classrooms, the enrichment offerings at Everest have widened during the 2020-21. In addition to the clubs listed above, the after school now offers activities focused on family fitness, science, crochet, Escape Rooms and group games, comic book creation, movie-making, story time, cooking, sign language, and debate. 

The After School team’s primary goal is to address the social-emotional needs of students during the pandemic by providing well-needed peer engagement opportunities and supervised online time.  It is important for our students to participate in social time and game nights after completing a hard day's work at school.

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