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Morning Ceremony

The Morning Ceremony has been a Value Schools tradition for many years, helping to form the unique nurturing environments on our campuses. Each morning, the school gathers the entire student body, from Kindergarten through 8thgrade, for the Pledge of Allegiance and a recitation of the 5 core values. The morning ceremony is led by a different classroom every week, and the students must plan performances and activities for each day with their teacher.  

After the Values recitation, there is a moment for staff, students, and parents to share a message with the group. Sometimes there is an announcement of an event or school-wide project; other times it might be some words of wisdom or musical performance. The idea is for the community to share time together and allow our older students to role model for our younger ones.  A few weeks into the school year, every student will likely know the names of all the staff and teachers in the Everest Family, and our most likely our outspoken 8th graders. 

When COVID-19 drastically shifted our educational experience into Zoom, the Morning Ceremony became a critical program to combat the feelings of isolation and keep our community climbing. In our Phase 1 Distance learning program, we have a weekly Morning Ceremony Zoom inviting the entire school to participate. We continue to have each class take a turn to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Values, and our students continue to make announcements and put on musical performances. Our After School Director creates fun games and scavenger hunts, which has become something that everyone looks forward to each week.     

Below is a sample of some of the highlights from our most recent Morning Ceremony “Mega-Zooms.”