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Student Leadership

After School has a variety of student organizations that help support student leadership from Kindergarten through 8th grade. We believe these opportunities develop a student’s self-esteem, public speaking, communication, collaboration, diplomacy, and civic engagement. Here are the organizations currently at Everest:

Student Senate:  The Senate fashions a responsible student community and maintains student voice on all school matters. The Senate facilitates academic end endeavors for the campus, organizes events to increase school spirit, and seeks to create a rich and vibrant opportunities to meet their potential outside of the classroom. The Senate also will assure that all voices are represented in the campus community, students support one another, and work together to make their school a greater learning environment.

The Values Committee: This committee, comprised of representatives from all grade levels, enhances the student experience as it seeks to build a value-driven society. Students discuss community projects, ponder solutions to problems that may arise in the community, and create avenues for students to display their adherence to the values. 

The Everest Economy and Bankers: Everest dollars are a school currency that students use to redeem prizes, special field trips, student store items and much more. Exchange systems exist to turn classroom economy dollars into Everest dollars and retain consistency with all economic systems amongst the school. A school treasurer oversees the accounts of all students and hires bank managers to regulate funds for the school. 

Everest United Nations (EUN) is a program within the EVS Student Government that ensures each student at Everest has a voice. In EUN each teacher and class selects a country to represent and class leaders. Along with normal academics, each class spends the year learning about and teaches others grades about their class country which culminates in a culture day fair where each class country is represented. In addition, EUN meets weekly to update class leaders on school events and empowerment opportunities as well as participate in the model legislator. Activities and skills regularly reviewed in EUN meetings are public speakings, debate, problem-solving, negotiation, collaboration, current events, researching, and other 21st century skills. 

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