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Lego Engineering Program

In the summer of 2021, Everest Value formed a partnership with the ETES organization that has developed a STEM program for all grade levels using LEGO building blocks. The ETES team comes once a week to provide lessons and investigations and provides guidance and follow up activities for teachers to use their Lego sets to engage in the scientific method and reflection. Currently, as part of the thematic unit on “urban planning”, each class is contributing parts of the Everest LEGO city on the roof. Students discuss best ways to provide good and services to their citizens, what buildings and spaces are necessary. Another unit that has caught the attention of the Everest community has been the bridge building competition. Students are applying their knowledge of engineering to build the longest and strongest bridges possible!

Everest is one for ETES first elementary school partnerships, and there have been some very creative discussions on what might be possible moving forward. Our teachers and the ETES staff are looking forward to developing this educational opportunity, and finding more fun and engaging ways to teach the Common Core.