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Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

Everest has been accredited through the WASC program since 2016, and has benefited greatly from the reflection and collaboration between staff it has created on campus. As part of this visit, the WASC team asks the school to define what a student should have when the graduate. These are called the Schoolwide Learner Objectives (or SLOs). During its last visit, the Everest Value staff, students and parents decided to adjust our SLOs to fit our unique vision within Value Schools, using the CLIMB acronym.

CLIMB has become a rallying call for the whole community in meetings and events. Each year we have two main gatherings of all the families and staff. In the fall, we have “Base Camp” to chart the years goals and in the spring, we have “Top of the Mountain” to celebrate our accomplishments.Students working with Ms. Norman, EVS teacher

Collaborative Learners

Everest wants to build students who can work together to solve problems. The faculty ascribes to the Socratic Method of learning through discussions and listening to each other’s point of view. The inspiration comes from Value 4, “we believe that working together we can do more than we can do by ourselves.”

Leaders in ServiceStudents helping with food pantry

As part of the Value Schools, Everest has a strong focus on giving back to the community. The school seeks to create and empower as many opportunities for this as possible. Currently there are students who help in gardens, food pantries, neighborhood clean ups, and help tutor younger students. The inspiration comes from Value 5, “we believe that what we learn is not just for ourselves, but to help others and make a better world.”

Innovative Thinkers

Student empowerment is the single most important goal for Everest, as it helps students to build a confidence in their own ideas. With the “Everest Economy”, students are given opportunities to start businesses and campaign their peers and staff during assemblies to maximize the Everest experience.

Masters of Skill

Students and families are given a list of “Learning Targets” at the beginning of each year, based on the CCSS using student friendly language. Every department and program at Everest has access to these learning targets for each student and uses them to focus students to identify and address confusion.

Better, Better, Better!!!Group of parents, students and Mr. Doyle, VS CEO

Everest seeks to create a growth mindset in all of its students, staff and families. No matter what, we are all marching towards “Better” as we climb towards our full potential.